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COVID-19 Policies

Training Locations

All training is currently taking place outside or inside with masks. Outdoor locations can be a yard, local park, garage or a porch area that is open on at least 3 sides.


As long as there is adequate coverage such as a garage or a screened porch, we can hold training sessions under these conditions provided that roads are safe and passable. Alternatively, sessions can be held at a local park that has a covered area or can be held via Zoom if the topics to be presented are appropriate. Otherwise, we will have to reschedule.


Temperatures below 28 degrees (or below 32 with significant wind)

I have found that below 28 is exceedingly uncomfortable for training sessions. When the temperature is forecasted to be this low, sessions can be held in a heated garage with the door open if that is accessible, or via Zoom if it’s appropriate. Otherwise, we will have to reschedule.


If I determine that the weather is not appropriate for outdoor training, I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss options.

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