We train dogs where they live and play. 

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  • Phone Consult

    Having a problem? Out of our service area? You can get the advice you need on the phone. Price includes 60 minute phone call and follow-up materials that will be sent via email.

  • Initial Consult

    Every new client begins with a consult. In this 90 minute session, we will discuss your dog's history and your training goals. We will also come up with a training plan and if time allows, begin training.

  • Single Session

    Not sure how many sessions you need? Just need a quick refresher? Purchase a single one hour session. See our training packages to save on multi-session packages.

  • Six Sessions

    Six one-hour sessions, unlimited phone/email support and all the tools you need to help your dog succeed. Comes with a training clicker 


My Story

Force-Free and Fun for All

Training your pet is not about tough love or who is top dog. I’ve been training animals since 2008. Over the years I have developed a method of training animals that is not about force, fear or intimidation, and is fun for you and your dog.

I started Sweet Wag after finishing my Masters in Psychology and realizing that there is no need to use harsh methods to train our furry friends. After years of trying force based methods to train my first dog, I finally decided to apply the principals of psychology and learning theory. I sought out professionals who also used these methods and ended up studying with author/trainer Pat Miller. 

Since then I have worked with over 600 dogs and owner to help them gain harmony in their homes with their furry friends.


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