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Creating a Better Life with Your Best Friend!
Private In-home Coaching
We teach you how to train your dog.

Initial Consultation: (1.5 to 2 hours) $130
All training programs begin with an Initial Consultation

The initial visit includes a behavioral evaluation, the development of a priority list, a management plan to be in place throughout the training period and a recommendation for training.  We will also cover the basics of the Sweet Wag Training Method and begin training according to the priority list. 

Behavioral Modification Sessions: (1 hour) $90;
Pay in Advance for 6 Sessions: $450 Save $90
Clients are encouraged to book sessions 5 to 10 days apart.

Six Week Good Manners Course (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced): $450 Save $90
The Good Manners Course includes training for the following cues: attention, name, sit, down, stay, wait, come, loose leash walking, targeting, polite greetings, give and leave it.  It also includes a 30 page manual with weekly training tips to ensure that your dog learns to behave in all situations and environments. Intermediate and Advanced Courses take the skills learned in Basic Doggy Good Manners to the next level by having dogs work on their skills outside among real life distractions.

Accelerated Training - Leave the training to us!
We train your dog for you!

Accelerated training programs are tailored to fit the needs of each individual family. We design your program with you during the Initial Consultation. All training for four week programs is done in and around your home and neighborhood. Six week programs can include other locations.

Your dog enjoys private, in-home training three days a week while you are out of the house. Once a week we will meet for a one hour transfer session to go over the previous week's cues and behaviors.

During the initial consultation, we will create your customized accelerated training program. Four week programs include 12 training sessions (1 hour each); 4 transfer sessions (1 hours each) and 2 follow-up sessions (1 hour each). Six week programs include 18 training sessions, 6 transfers and 2 follow-up sessions.

  • Four Week Program (6-8 behaviors): $1350 Save $170
  • Six Week Program (8-12 behaviors*): $1950 Save $240

*Six Week Programs can include training in multiple locations.

Mix and Match - You decide how much help you need!
You can combine an Accelerated Program with a coaching program. Call for details!

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Sweet Wag will begin taking new clients again in Spring 2015.
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